Livingston Educational Center, LLC - Tutorial Services, Diagnostic Evaluations, & Reading Programs
           ~LEC SERVICES
Subject tutoring: Our highly qualified teachers are trained and specialize in all academic areas. We will match the subject with the appropriate specialist to ensure maximal learning.
Learning Disability Remediation: At the LEC, we understand various learning disabilities. Our LD consultants will work with the parents, teachers, and students to provide proper instruction. Many of our programs including Orton Gillingham based reading programs, are provided on site or at the home.

Organization/ Study Skills: Study skills are an essential part of school at any level. In fact, we have created our own study skills workshops for parents and children in the New Jersey area that many students are utilizing today.
Educational and Cognitive Evaluations: Diagnosing students with learning disabilities is an important part of what we do. An evaluation is administered by a certified LDT-C and/or Psychologist. In addition to the testing, we provide a detailed report indicating results, recommendations as well as a follow-up meeting with parents.
SAT/ACT Preparation:The SAT's/ACT's are a stressful time for anyone, but at the LEC, we know that everyone learns differently. Therefore, we individualize each program to match our student's learning styles. Our higher level tutors are specialist in standardized tests and can provide strategies for taking as well as improving previous scores.
Private School Entrance Exam Test Prep: Over the years we have had tremendous success in tackling both ISEE and SSAT exams. In addition to mastering both these tests, our consultants are extremely knowledgeable in private schools in our area and have helped many students choose the right school.

Our Intensive Reading Programs: At the LEC, our certified reading specialists and learning consultants provide a variety of intensive reading programs geared for struggling readers. This may include but is not limited to children with reading disabilities such as dyslexia. Some of our programs include: Orton Gillingham Programs such as: Wilson, Recipe for Reading, Explode the Code, and GO Phonics.

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