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Subject Tutoring

Our highly qualified teachers are trained and specialize in all academic areas, including reading and math. We will match each student with the appropriate specialist to ensure maximal learning.

Intensive Reading Programs

Our certified reading specialists and learning consultants provide a variety of intensive reading programs geared for struggling readers. This may include but is not limited to children with reading disabilities such as dyslexia. Some of our programs include: Orton Gillingham Programs such as: Wilson, Recipe for Reading, Explode the Code, and GO Phonics.

Learning Disability Remediation

At the LEC, we understand various learning disabilities. Our LD consultants will work with parents, teachers, and students to provide proper instruction. Many of our programs including Orton Gillingham based reading programs, are provided on site or at the home. In addition, we offer comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations to gain a full understanding of your childs learning strengths and weaknesses to provide the most appropriate interventions.
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